Manchester England: The new Cool


There is MUCH more to Manchester than the Manchester United Football Club, which just happens to be (arguably) the most popular sports franchise in the world. Read More

I’ve Been There: Kenya

Africa, I've Been There

A Nairobian Sunset | Photo credit: Mutua Matheka

Packed and ready to go, I felt somewhat apprehensive about travelling half way around the world, on my own, to fulfill a lifelong dream. But within minutes of arriving in Nairobi I knew I was in for a trip of a lifetime. Kenya, the birthplace of the wildlife safari, has a well-deserved reputation as the […] Read More

I’ve Been There: Cancun

Caribbean / Mexico, I've Been There

Relaxing in Cancun

I've just returned from Cancun with a group of 14. Cancun is most famous for its beaches, which were completely re-built a few years ago due to the effects of several major hurricanes. This popular destination provides that great combination of nature, history and attractions. Read More

Emerging Destinations: Galapagos Islands

Central / South America, Feature Destination

The Galapagos Islands were the world’s very first World Heritage site

The Galapagos Islands are renowned and celebrated the world over for the abundant number of species that have inhabited the islands for centuries. In fact, studies conducted by Charles Darwin in the islands led to his theory of evolution. For more years than we can count, nature has flourished here relatively undisturbed. Volcanic activity that... Read More

Prague-Vienna Greenways is more than a colour!


The Prague-Vienna Greenways is a 250 mile long network of bicycle trails, mostly on minor roads but sometimes off-road that connect the capitals of the Czech Republic and Austria. The Prague-Vienna Greenways... Read More

Norway “Your Way!”


When one thinks of Norway, one conjures up images of picturesque fjords, ice-blue waters, mountains amidst clouds, midnight aglow by the sun, viewing shimmering aurora borealis and a “cool” culture … Read More

Charter Yachting: Freedom on the Seas


Imagine your own private and often luxuriously-outfitted hotel, your own private swimming pool, your own personal Captain, chef and crew, your own private beach ... This is charter yachting. Read More

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