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5 Things to Eat in Bermuda

April 10th, 2012

Bermuda fish sandwich

For a small island, Bermuda is big on food. On any given day you can sample cuisine from around the world. But you don’t head to the islands for pasta and burgers. Want to feast like the locals? Try these dishes on for size.

Fish Sandwich

You may think if you’ve had one fish sandwich you’ve had them all, but you’ve not had one like they make in Bermuda. Lightly breaded local rockfish served on whole wheat or raisin bread, and topped with a generous helping of coleslaw – the only way to satisfy your craving is to have one!

Fish Chowder

Every menu on the island will include their own version of this national dish. Traditionally, fish chowder took three days and the whole family to make. Today’s version does not take quite as long but is still chock full of hearty vegetables and local fish. A dash of Sherry Peppers Sauce, a few drops of dark rum – you’re good to go!

Codfish Breakfast

It might be one of the most simple local dishes, but it is one every islander is looking for come Sunday morning. Boiled potatoes and codfish served with a boiled egg, avocado, banana, and either an egg or tomato sauce is dished out in homes and restaurants across the island.

Mussel Pie

When it comes to mollusks, Bermudians do not discriminate. Sure, in any high end restaurant you can find a decadent bowl of steamed mussels, but if you really want true local fare, try a mussel pie. A hearty meal, these pies come stuffed with papaya (or as locals call it, ‘paw paw’), onions, potatoes, bacon, and steamed mussels flavoured with curry, all baked into a delicious, flakey crust. Talk about satisfying!

Gosling’s Rum

bermuda rum swizzle
Photo credit: Hilary Woodward

Make sure to sample the island’s signature libations – the Rum Swizzle and the Dark & Stormy.

The Swizzle is a deceptively delicious concoction of fruit juice and Gosling’s rum (a secret blend made famous by the Swizzle Inn restaurant) that tastes so good, it is not hard to understand the reason behind the motto, “Swizzle Inn, Swagger Out”.

A combination of Gosling’s rum and locally made ginger beer, Dark & Stormy’s call to mind the island’s nautical history and are a perfect drink for any occasion, no matter the weather!

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