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A Spa of unusual suds

August 24th, 2015

Photo credit: Czech Tourism

From sporting events to lounging on the beach, people the world over love beer. Did you know, though, that not only is this universal drink of choice a party starter (the fun doesn’t begin until the keg gets tapped), but the foamy concoction has hidden secrets to make your skin glow from the outside in?

Select breweries across the United States and Europe are taking advantage of the beneficial side effects of their brews, and will let you take the plunge – literally – into a tub full of suds!

At the Chodovar brewery in the Czech Republic, one can relax as they recline for up to 20 minutes in a tub filled with a mineral water and a dark, specially crafted bathing ale. (Somehow it’s comforting to know they’re not using the same thing that’s poured into bottles and shipped around the world – so don’t try this at home!).

The hops act as an exfoliant, while the yeast fortifies skin with vitamin B, proteins, and those much touted antioxidants people can’t seem to get enough of. Better add that one to your Czech list!

And at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver, Colorado, spa therapists skip the soak and apply suds straight to the skin – they start with a scrub made from grainy beer malt mixed with rice ale, and then you rinse in a horizontal Vichy shower. After, the therapist paints you with an antioxidant-rich (magic words!) dark stout. Since this is not washed away, the vitamins have time to soak in and the skin is left feeling surprisingly silky. Once all is said and done, spa-goers get to sip on both types of leftover beer.

These special spa treatments have also proven successful therapies for conditions like psoriasis, cellutlitis and acne, along with anti-stress (which we totally believe), reducing blood pressure, and improving circulation in the periphery.


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