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Alberta Quick Facts

Here are some well known (and not-so-well-known) facts about Alberta to help you understand the flavour of Canada’s fourth largest province, who’s motto is FORTIS ET LIBER “Strong and Free”.

  • The capital of Alberta is Edmonton
  • Alberta has two international airports: Edmonton and Calgary
  • The population of the province (2006) 3,375,800 and continues to grow rapidly. Better than ten percent of Canada’s population resides in Alberta
  • The area of Alberta is 661,185 sq km (255,303 sq mi)

  • Alberta receives 2,330 hours of sunshine annually, the highest in Canada
  • The highest mountain in Alberta is Mt. Columbia 3,747m (12,294 ft) which is the second highest peak in the Canadian Rockies
  • There are some 280 golf courses and seven of Canada’s signature courses are located here
  • There are at least 66 regional ski hills in the province as well as 6 major Canadian Rockies ski resorts
  • The Provincial Flower is the Wild Rose
  • The Provincial Bird is the Great Horned Owl
  • The Provincial Mammal is the Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep
  • The Provincial Fish is the Bull Trout
  • The Provincial Tree is the Lodgepole Pine
  • The Provincial Stone is Petrified Wood

Now that you know a little about this Canadian province, Alberta can also claim bragging rights as the largest ski area in Canada and these other monumental accomplishments:

  • Canada’s largest mountainous national park
  • Canada’s first and oldest national park
  • North America’s largest shopping and entertainment complex
  • World’s first international “Peace Park”
  • World’s second largest and Canada’s largest national park
  • World’s largest Ukrainian Easter Egg (Pysanka)
  • Second largest glacier fed lake in the world
  • One of the world’s most photographed lakes
  • North America’s largest outdoor music festival
  • World’s largest Tyrannosaurus
  • One of the most scenic highways in the world
  • Canada’s largest public display of live reptiles
  • World’s largest herd of free roaming bison
  • North America’s largest, oldest and best preserved buffalo jump site
  • Lloydminster:  Only city in Canada found within two provinces
  • Bird capital of Canada
  • Calgary Fringe Festival: North America’s largest theatre festival
  • Calgary Zoo: Second largest zoo in Canada
  • One of the richest dinosaur fossil discoveries in the world
  • World’s largest cable suspended roof “reverse hyperbolic paraboloid”
  • North America’s first covered speed skating oval
  • The Masters at Spruce Meadows: The richest show jumping contest in the world
  • One of North America’s largest collections of antique and classic cars, trucks and planes
  • Greatest outdoor show on earth: The Calgary Stampede
  • World’s first Indoor bungy jump
  • World’s tallest tee pee

If you are looking for any kind of vacation, be it city, activity, adventure or a memorable family trip, you can find it in Alberta. And when you do visit, you will become one of the 22 million visitors that will be glad you did, so come and enjoy the wonders of Western Canada.

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