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Cancun Underwater Museum a “Don’t Miss”

July 6th, 2014

The newest and most spectacular addition to Cancun, the Underwater Sculpture Museum, is an under-sea sculpture gallery of more than 400 figures.

The monumental sculptural museum was established in the surrounding waters of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc by British artist Jason DeCaires Taylor. The project has sparked great interest worldwide and will be an ongoing project for years to come.

Taylor offers a contemporary and cultural view of how the Mayan people have evolved throughout the years.

The snorkel tour begins with a high-powered speedboat ride to the “Silent Evolution” site off Isla Mujeres. You’ll then have 40 minutes of snorkel time to enjoy the museum’s sculptures and the marine life that will swim your way.

The main body of the museum is called “The Silent Evolution” and consists of 400 life-size figures molded in pH neutral clay. The main goal of the museum is preservation, so the clay promotes marine growth to form a complex structure inhabited and colonized by various forms of marine life. Eventually coral reef will form on each sculpture, making them change appearance over time.

The total museum installation occupies some 150 square metres and weighs over 120 tons, and will one day form an artificial ecosystem where various fish and marine mammals will thrive.

(Video via  National Geographic on YouTube)

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