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Echoes of Earth – Finding Ourselves in the Origins of the Planet

February 25th, 2013

For as long as can be remembered, human kind has been fascinated with where we came from. Echoes of Earth: Finding Ourselves in the Origins of the Planet explores this fascination and follows two intrepid travellers as they journey to some of the most remote regions of the world and discover the beauty of ancient rock formations that hold the secrets of our origins.

“We expected to bring back only images for a photo-essay book,” says author Sue Baugh. “We did not expect to be transformed as artists or to discover that our human origins lie hidden in the story of the oldest stones. Our bodies carry ancient minerals deep without our bones and ancient life within our human cells.”

Baugh and her colleague Lynn Martinelli travelled by airplane, camper car, fishing boat, float plane, and river raft to photograph some of the oldest rock and mineral sites on the planet.  The final product is an incredible compilation of images and narrative that capture the beauty and magic of a world untouched by time.

“The power and beauty of these ancient sites radically changed our perception of the world and humanity’s place in it. We invite you to explore the mystery of what we encountered, that we carry the long history of the planet within us. We are all echoes of Earth.” – Sue Baugh

Echoes of Earth: Finding Ourselves in the Origins of the Planet is available on and

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