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Great Travel Reads – Hey, Canada!

June 27th, 2012

Hey Canada!

Get ready, Canada. They’re coming!

“I’m Alice, nine years old, reporting from the backseat of the car. I’m writing this blog on Gran’s netbook. My cousin Cal is sitting up front because he gets carsick. He’s eight. Gran is driving.

The trip is her idea. She says she wants to do a road trip with her grandkids before she’s old and creaky. On the back of her car she’s glued a bumper sticker: “CANADA – COAST TO COAST TO COAST!” It’s next to her other bumper sticker: “CAUTION: DRIVER MAY BE SINGING.” (True, unfortunately.)”

If you and the kids are looking for a good read this summer, you should consider picking up Hey Canada! by Vivian Bowers, a tale that follows Gran and the kids as they make their way from St John’s, Newfoundland to the Pacific Coast and their adventures along the way. With fun poems, silly songs, tweets, and blogs, the trio record their trip for all to share.

The book combines narrative, poems, photos, comics about historical events such as the battle at Fortress Louisburg, and maps (including provincial flags, birds, and flowers), in a lively format, and is a valuable resource for young Canadians and for visitors across the country.


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Special thanks to Random House Canada for providing this week’s giveaway.

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