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Krampus Is Coming To Town!

December 29th, 2014

On the eve of Saint Nicholas Day, with whips and chains and claws and fangs, the terrifying Krampusse come out to play. Faced with punishment from such an abomination, wouldn’t you be tempted to behave, too?

Don’t expect to get handfuls of candy canes at this traditional holiday parade. The Krampus only hands out one thing – a heaping helping of terror for children who’ve been bad!

Christmas is just around the corner and while most kids are waiting patiently for a visit from jolly St Nick, children in Alpine Regions, like Austria and Bavaria, are hoping they’ve been good enough to avoid the demon figure Krampus, a mythical beast who, according to legend, carries away those children who’ve been extra naughty that year to his lair for his own, special version of a Christmas feast.

During the first week of December, particularly December 5th, young men traditional dress up as the beast-like creature and roam the streets with rusty chains and bells to frighten children.

Celebrants take pride in their Krampus attire, decked out in elaborate costumes, each more terrifying than the last. In recent years, Krampus themed parties and processions (like the one shown in the video above) have also begun to appear in American cities.

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