Prague-Vienna Greenways is more than a colour!

Photo credit: Czech Tourism

The Prague-Vienna Greenways is a 250 mile long network of bicycle trails, mostly on minor roads but sometimes off-road that connect the capitals of the Czech Republic and Austria. The Prague-Vienna Greenways…

The Czech Greenways cultural trail is ideal for those who like history. This version offers riders numerous cycling days and several opportunities to view history up close and personal.

Cycling in the Czech / Austrian border area that was cut off by the Iron Curtain for 40 years is a unique experience. Medieval castles, a varied landscape, fairytale chateaux, pristine countryside with tiny, rustic villages and baroque towns, the best beer in the world, and safe back roads with good surfaces for cycling makes this tour a real bestseller. This truly could be a trip of a lifetime for cycling enthusiasts. Cycling Czech Greenways is a well-balanced vacation.

Seeing Cesky Krumlov is going to be undeniably one of the true highlights of your Vienna to Prague or Salzburg to Prague cycling trip. The town is rich in Renaissance and Baroque buildings and, together with the castle is the second largest historical complex in the Czech Republic. On account of its numerous structures of historical significance Cesky Krumlov was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.

In winter months Ceský Krumlov is a peaceful town of some 15,000 inhabitants but during late spring, summer and early fall visitors – and cyclists – easily outnumber the locals. It is definitely worth spending a day if not two and just browse the picturesque setting of the town’s historical core surrounded by meandering Vltava River.

Some Useful Information

Photo credit: Czech Tourism

Greenways is the name of the most beautiful bike trail, connecting Prague to Vienna.

Grade of difficulty: Moderate

When biking between Prague and Vienna, you follow a somewhat different route than if you walk. Here are many of the larger and smaller towns that you pass through on your journey.

To see the entire route and to print biking directions for the main route you can visit the Greenways Interactive Map.

The tour from Prague to Vienna combines biking and minibus transfers so that you can visit all the famous historical sites along the way and have a pleasant ride through the beautiful landscapes of Southern Bohemia and Moravia.

Guided group tours use a support vehicle for parts of the route that may be too long for some riders. It usually depends on the weather, one’s physical condition, preferences and on the overall fitness of the group or many other circumstances, whether you decide to take advantage of the support vehicle for the remainder of a given daily ride.

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