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Question: What is a must for a travelling soul?

November 30th, 2012

Uniglobe The Travel Time - enVy Travel Pillow

Answer: A good night’s sleep!

Whether travel is for business or a planned vacation, many people find it very challenging to get the good night sleep they need in a hotel bed. Top that off with jet lag, changing time zones and the recent media coverage about “unclean hotel rooms,” and traveling can be daunting!

The last thing we need at our destination is to find ourselves tossing and turning and wishing we had the comfort of our own pillow between our tired head and a foreign hotel bed.

When we created the enVy Pillow we kept travelling in mind. Those who sleep with our pillow know the value from relief of neck pain, headaches, numbness and of course the sleep lines we hate to wake up to. And as a result, we have received numerous requests from “satisfied sleepers” to create a travel-size enVy Pillow. So we did!

You wanted a pillow to carry onto the plane and yet sleep as comfortably as the full figured enVy on the hotel bed. The enVy Pillow To Go is easy to lay flat or roll up and tuck into a suitcase, or even carry over your shoulder.

We cut our pillow down to half of its ‘home’ size and can be carried onboard and can be used to lean up against a window (or your unsuspecting neighbor) while on a long flight., and of course, in a hotel room.

The enVy Pillow To Go has the same wonderful ergonomic off-your- face design that has you sleeping in perfect neck and spinal alignment and fresh faced in the morning for that early business meeting.

Have a look at both the enVy Pillows – enVy at Home and enVy To Go – on … and happy sleeping!

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