Rent a Cottage in the British Isles

Why not come home every night to your own British Isles country cottage?

Open the curtains each morning and cast your eyes upon such picture-perfect beauty you may not believe what you are seeing. The British Isles is a land of legends still to be told by any storyteller, music-maker, picture-taker or poet. The British Isles, from the beginning of time, has committed every last possible acre to the fruits of nature. Great swaths of prim and pretty pastoral scenery survive.

The British Isles is an archipelago off the northwest coast of continental Europe consisting of a collection of several thousand small surrounding islands and islets including Great Britain and Ireland.

The panoptic itinerary one can plan if staying for one week or longer offers something for everyone from prehistoric wonders to medieval masterpiece; serene beaches and turquoise waters to picture-perfect harbours and majestic cliffs.

And, be ready to be surprised by the warm hospitality of the vibrant local people who proudly display their rich cultural legacy in their everyday lifestyle. With a new adventure awaiting your arrival at every step of your exploration, keep your cameras at the ready to capture and immortalize the golden moments you will, no doubt, discover just about everywhere you turn.

Here is a brief account of a couple from Canada who have in fact rented cottages:

We did our research and rented the Grange Farm House in Yorkshire Dales, near Skipton, England. The cottage was a three-bedroom, two-story; old English stone residence with high beamed ceilings, a plush living room, modernized kitchen, several fireplaces and views of all the legendary landscapes. The property, with its own garden, picnic table and barbecue, is part of three, adjoining holiday cottages, but in autumn we were happily the only renters and kept company with nothing but shady green fields for miles all around.

Acts of kindness came our way in Britain every day it seemed. While parking in Inverness, for example, a stranger departing a parkade perhaps earlier than he’d planned, saved us money by volunteering his fully paid ticket. People walked with us when we asked directions – and if anything could equal the kindness of the guys that drove us to Ivy Cottage, it was Roland Carr back in the Yorkshire Dales.

It was quite late on a dark night when we arrived in the Dales, looking for the Grange Farm House. The directions were plain enough, but we must have gone wrong at the last round-about. The lone attendant at a gas station wasn’t much help, so now we were on our own.

We drove away, in and out of laneways, back and forth and just as we were making yet another 3-point turn, a utility truck pulled up in front of us and stopped.

“Are you the lost tourists?” the driver asked telling us his name was Roland Carr. “I just heard about you back at the pumps. Where do you want to go?”

Within exactly 3 minutes, and within a country where 60 million people still obviously find time for one another, we were unlocking the door to yet one more home away from home.

Two weeks earlier, in Scotland, we had rented too. After three nights in Edinburgh, we drove northwest into the Highlands along Loch Lomond and Loch Ness to Ft. William, where we had chosen the rather secluded Ivy Cottage.

Not that Ivy Cottage lacked anything. Just the opposite in fact: we lived gloriously there in modernized, spanking clean comfort.

And part of the fun of living in a cottage is the name. Most are charming to the ear and, if you really do your research either before leaving home or while talking to the locals, some may even have a history.

There are several thousand holiday cottages across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales or the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man.

Typically, all properties are inspected and graded. You can research properties on the Internet, but we strongly suggest speaking with your travel agent who may have had previous experience planning this type of novel vacation.

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