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Resorting to Ontario

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What to do … when to do it!

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall … The four seasons in Ontario’s “North” attract visitors from across Canada, the United States and indeed, the world.


The landscape, lakes (250,000 lakes) and rivers (100,000 kilometres) in Ontario are among the most beautiful in North America. For generations, cottagers and tourists have been waking up to the call of the loon, the sounds of birds chirping from the Maples, Elms and Evergreens, the smell of the Pine trees and to views of the rising sun to begin a new day.

The pristine setting, the abundant wildlife, the clean air and fresh water …

It’s the sights, sounds and smells of Ontario’s “Cottage Country” that keeps folks coming back for more, and discovering new things to explore and accomplish during all four seasons.

And then there are the still-to-this-day quaint and rustic towns. Towns named Huntsville, Haliburton, Gravenhurst, Orillia, Peterborough, Port Carling, Parry Sound cater to the whims and needs of cottagers and visitors. Each town is ubiquitous with character.

During any time of the year, during any season, you can visit Ontario’s North land and indulge in any number of your favourite activities.


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When the temperature drops, it’s time to bundle up, don your gear, and take advantage of the weather and ‘snow white’ …

Skiing / Snowboarding / Tubing Downhill is all about snow, scenery and facilities. You’ll find all three in abundance across Ontario’s North.

Cross-country Skiing / Snowshoeing Ontario’s snow-covered landscapes offer some of the best – and longest – cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and winter hiking trails around. You can spend days exploring thousands of acres of unspoiled wilderness with just the calming sound of snow crunching beneath your feet.

Snowmobiling Throughout Ontario’s North Snowbelt, there exits a playground of trails thousands of kilometres long – long enough to satisfy the whims and desires of avis or novice snowmobile enthusiasts. And you have sixteen weeks to play!

Ice Climbing Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there are hundreds of places for you to climb above it all. Some ice-clad routes reach heights of 90 m and the waterfalls freeze so thick that the ice can stay until June.

Dog Sledding / Skijoring Looking for a new experience? Nothing compares to gliding through the silent forests with only the breath of the dog team and the hiss of the sled on the snow. Try kick sledding or skijoring – something of a cross between dog sledding and cross-country skiing.

Horseback Riding Yes … even during the winter months you can ride the trails, savour the stillness of the land, enjoy the warmth of hot chocolate and doing it all again the next day …

Sleigh Rides If you happen to have the kids along, or it’s just you and your honey, bundle up and take a sleigh ride along a white trail. It’s fun for the kids and if it’s just you and your significant other during a weekend getaway …

Spring / Summer

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Where to begin …

Spring is in the air. You can smell it. It’s time you get outdoors.

Spring in Ontario’s resort country is something akin to a renewal … the ice melts, the landscape becomes green and residents, cottagers and visitors begin planning all kinds of activities that go hand-in-hand-with sunshine and glistening water.

Resorts in Ontario provide a variety of getaways and family vacations that have become a fabric of the province. In fact, many resorts offer families a variety of Children’s Programs that satisfy the kids and leave parents free to pursue activities that are of interest. In a resort like setting, these children’s programs take the air of a summer camp, and many kids (and parents) have made life-long friends, seeing each other year-after-year at the same resort. And by-the-way, many resorts in Ontario are family owned and hands-on operated, and have been for generations.

In Ontario’s cottage country, there is never a shortage of things to do in the warmer months of the year. If you enjoy the greatest of the outdoors, you can passionately indulge your interests.

On the Links Golfing in Ontario’s Cottage Country? Exhilarating. There is something peaceful about being in such beautiful surroundings, even if you just sliced your last shot …

It’s about the fresh, the natural surroundings, and the acclaimed golf courses.

The golfing in Cottage Country includes courses from public to private, from 9 hole executive Par Threes to championship 18 hole courses designed by some of the world’s greatest golf architects. Mark O’Meara designed the Grandview course and Nick Faldo was the mind behind The Rock. But other golfing legends like Stanley Thompson, C.E. Robinson, Bob Cupp, Ron Garl and Thomas McBroom have all left their mark on the golfing landscape.

On the Water You can experience an ultimate canoeing or kayaking adventure in Northern Ontario. It’s easy to get outfitted with all the necessary equipment and gear. Ride the rapids, savour the solitude of paddling a misty lake or simply enjoy the freedom of boating across a clear blue lake as the sun sets. With over 100,000 lakes and thousands of miles of water routes, Northern Ontario provides unforgettable canoeing and kayaking opportunities and experiences.

On the Road It’s just you and your motorcycle and several friends if you want to share the scenery and vistas. You cruise along the highways, glide down scenic back roads; you follow pre-planned routes … Whether you choose a weekend of spontaneous riding or a getaway lasting several weeks, it’s all about the lifestyle; it’s all about being free.

Fishing With over 100,000 freshwater lakes in Ontario, there are countless opportunities to hook the big one. Nothing can match the feeling of casting your line out on a quiet lake at the crack of dawn and waiting for that special fish to bite. Or, for the angler, imagine yourself catching a trophy Walleye or Muskie. With thousands of inland lakes and rivers and a variety of fresh water fish, Northern Ontario provides visitors a wealth of fishing opportunities. From fly fishing to trolling, whatever your preference or skill level, Ontario lodges and outfitters can accommodate your whims …

Hunting The challenge of the pursuit, the satisfaction of living off the land; hunting in Northern Ontario is a local tradition that has been connecting people with nature for centuries. If it’s big game you’re after, there is black bear, deer, and moose. For smaller game, Ontario offers excellent habitat for a variety of grouse and waterfowl. Ontario’s outfitters assist you licenses and guidance.

Nature If ever the term “Take a Hike” had meaning, you can explore rugged terrain on your own or take a guided tour. Whichever your preference, the region’s diverse landscape offers a touch of everything to spark every nature lover’s interest.


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Ontario’s mild and glorious Fall season means scenic outdoor adventures bounded by captivating colours.

As Ontario’s landscapes turn from lush greens to searing reds and oranges, exciting autumn activities abound.

There are still weather-good activities to play at …

You can take a cycling tour and explore the backcountry during a hike, or bring your paints and canvas and colour the magnificent backdrop of the trees and waters …

Or take an autumn canoe or kayak trip and savour the quiet disrupted only by the birds keeping you company …

Folks from across North America and indeed several other countries visit Ontario’s North Country each year, and for many it’s an annual getaway. Many people even arrange weddings or honeymoon here.

When considering a visit , there is a myriad of accommodation categories; There are resort hotels, resort lodges, cottage resorts and country inns. Some are open year round. Others operate from May to October. Some are family-oriented; some are suited more to couples and some offer amenities and activities for both. You have a multitude of choices …

So consider a getaway to Ontario’s North Country … as the saying goes, Ontario is “Yours to Discover”

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