Travel Destinations: British Columbia

Luxury train travel is not your typical vacation

Machu Picchu, Peru

Here’s a thought. Indulge yourselves and enjoy a sumptuous trip aboard a luxurious train. If you have never considered taking a trip on board one of many deluxe trains, you don’t know what you are missing. Everything that you may have heard or read about like the rhythm of the rails … the passing scenery […] Read More

Prince George, British Columbia

Canoeing at Crooked River Provincial Park | Photo credit: Tourism BC/JF Bergeron

Prince George, known as British Columbia’s northern capital, is a popular gateway city to the Northern BC region, and an excellent starting point for exploring further north. Prince George offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the amenities of a city, while finding a variety of wilderness opportunities just minutes away... Read More

Kelowna might just have it all

Kelowna | Photo credit: Courtesy of

Not if, but when you are planning to visit British Columbia, be sure to include Kelowna in your travel plans. And it really does not matter which season of the year you plan to be here. Kelowna is the heart of the Okanagan Valley, and a town that will impress. Quite simply, after being here […] Read More

Behind the Culinaries in Kelowna

Mission Hill Family Estate wine cellar | Photo Credit: Tourism BC/JF Bergeron

The numerous farms and orchards that thrive within and throughout the surrounding area attest to Kelowna's deep-rooted agricultural heritage, which dates back thousands of years to the First Nations' use of the fertile land. Today fresh farm produce is readily available in Kelowna, with many restaurants sourcing local goods for seasonally changing menus. Read More

What’s an Okanagan? Can’t be Canada, but it is!

If you are contemplating visiting Canada’s beautiful British Columbia, then you must plan to visit the Okanagan Valley. Quite simply, the area is a must see. The Okanagan Valley is situated in the northernmost area of the Sonora Dessert and lies in the rain-shadow of the Coastal Mountain range... Read More

Victoria is much more than the “City of Gardens”

Victoria's parliament buildings | Photo credit: Travel and Beyond

If you have never been to Victoria in “BBC” (Beautiful British Columbia), then you had best look up the meaning of the word idyllic. That may be the choice description you’ll use when describing your visit to this picturesque city. Cozy and lively are words that are also often used to describe this beautiful city situated along the coastline of Vancouver Island.  Read More

Canada Shared By Canadians

The Canadian Tourism Commission asked Canadians to grab their cameras, get outdoors and film their best travel experiences.  Read More

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