Travel Destinations: Costa Rica

Costa Rica: The sporting Life!

Scuba diving is just one of many great ways to get wet in Costa Rica

Seventh Heaven found on and under water If Co2 is your thing, then you will want to consider a trip to Costa Rica. An ideal destination for adventure travellers, Costa Rica can boast of many water-related adventures that are sure to appease … A tropical haven for those who enjoy the water, Costa Rica, because […] Read More

Costa Rica is protecting itself!

Photo credit: Raphaël Fauveau

Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Ecological Program ensures ecological sensitivities When visiting Costa Rica, you will be heartened to know that coastal environs are monitored monthly to ensure that areas adhere to The Blue Flag Ecology Program, which is a joint venture of several Costa Rican agencies, including the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, the Ministry of […] Read More

Costa Rica: “Pura Vida”

The red-eyed tree frog is just one of Costa Rica's natural wonders | Photo credit: Matt MacGillivray

Costa Rica was, at one time, a lesser-known country in Central America. But no longer … It seems that every third person you speak with – be it neighbour, friend, relative or business associate – is about to go to Costa Rica “next week”. And with good reason. The country is hot, hot, ... Read More

Costa Rica Encounters: Baby Monkeys

Comedian Todd Bieber recently spent some down time in beautiful Costa Rica Read More

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