Travel Destinations: Ontario

So you want to visit Ontario, eh?

Even people who live in Ontario can have trouble appreciating the sheer size of this province. Ontario is Canada’s second largest province (Quebec is the largest), covering more than one million square kilometers, and hence there is a vast diversity of cultures, cities and towns, and an abundance of things to see and do from A […] Read More

National Geographic picks Muskoka as #1

Folks in Ontario and at Tourism Ontario should be proud. In the National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Muskoka, Ontario was “handpicked” by National Geographic Traveler editors as their choice for the best summer travel destination for those looking for an “out-of-the-ordinary” summer vacation area. Read More

Attorneys Visiting Toronto Take Note

Osgoode Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Osgoode Hall, crowned by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Government of Ontario, is a fascinating site to visit for those attracted by history and fine old buildings as well as those with an interest in the law.  Read More

Falling for Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, and the surrounding Niagara Region, has evolved and grown into one of the world’s foremost travel destinations. And like many top tourist destinations, Niagara Falls is visited by millions of people each year. Many restaurants feature regional cuisine, which marries locally grown food products with local wines.  Read More

In Toronto, it’s all about the ‘hood’

Toronto is made up of many exciting neighbourhood's like Chinatown | Photo credit: Shuichi Aizawa

Several years ago, Tourism Toronto used the tag line “The world within a city”, which then and now aptly described the city. Toronto is recognized as being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. In fact, there are some 140 languages and dialects that can be heard in and around the city! Toronto’s […] Read More

Toronto Museums

A dinosaur on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto | Photo credit: Carsten Kebler

From the largest to the atypical Toronto, like every major city, has an abundance of large / boutique museums and galleries. Visitors, who take the time to find out, may discover an interesting smaller museum or obscure exhibit that will be of interest. And in Toronto, there are many smaller, lesser known museums that often […] Read More

Ottawa: Did you know?

The Ottawa region was long home to the Odawa or Odaawaa, meaning “traders” First Nations people. The Odawa are an Algonquin people who called the river the Kichi Sibi or Kichissippi, meaning “Great River”. In 1945, the Netherlands gave 100,000 tulip bulbs to Canada to thank Ottawa for providing refuge to the Dutch royal family […] Read More

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