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Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain

November 29th, 2011

Roller Coaster staircase | Photo credit: Cribcandy -

Terrified of roller coasters? Tired of missing out on the “fun”? As long as you aren’t afraid of heights, there’s a solution in Duisburg, Germany.

Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain, an impressive walk-in structure designed with “the sleek curved shape of a roller coaster” in mind, is the creative brain child of artists Heike Mutter + Ulrich Genth, who had this to say of the installation:

“Tiger and Turtle” refers with its immanent dialectic of speed and deadlock to the situation of change in the region and its turn towards renaturation and restructuring. While the sculpture conveys an absurd twist regarding the inherent expectation of the image created by a roller coaster, it reflects its own role as potential trans-­‐regional landmark which will be inevitably pocketed as image. It counters the logic of permanent growth with an absurd-­‐contradictory sculpture that refuses a definite interpretation.

The never-ending, impassable staircase stands atop the 24 meter, man made Hildebrand Höhe hilltop, and rises a total 45 meters above the surrounding area, offering a pretty spectacular view of the western Ruhr area, day or night (the handrails are equipped with built in LED lights).

Tiger + Turtle by night | Photo credit: Nacht/© Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, "Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain“, Landmarke Angerpark, City of Duisburg. A project of the cultural capital of Europe RUHR.2010.

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