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Charter Yachting: Freedom on the Seas

Imagine your own private and often luxuriously-outfitted hotel, your own private swimming pool, your own personal Captain, chef and crew, your own private beach ... This is charter yachting.  Read More

Singletons can now Choose to Cruise

With rare exception, a single or solo can expect to pay between 150 and 200 percent of a cruise fare. Why you may ask? The supplement is intended to cover the cost of a “non” passenger. A single passenger creates, in cruise-speak, “spoilage”; not only an empty bed that doesn’t add booking revenue, but also […]  Read More

The Caribbean: My Cruise Experience

Caribbean views

Imagine this. The sun is just beginning to set across the large expanse of water that is the Atlantic Ocean. You are on a cruise ship heading south towards warm sunny beaches, blue skies and tropical locations where they speak Spanish, French, Dutch and even Portuguese. The welcoming sound of ice cubes bopping up and down in a cocktail glass beckon you back to reality. Welcome to the lifestyle that is cruising. Your destination? The Caribbean.  Read More

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