Travel Destinations: Travel Tips

On board

Photo credit: Eton College This from a flight attendant … Listen up: “When we present safety instructions, set down the magazine. When we ask that electronic items be turned off, it’s because they can interfere with communication and navigation equipment, and we want to ensure we land in Miami, not Minneapolis.”  Read More

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance!

Be sure to plan your Travel / Health insurance requirements carefully!  Read More

Renting a car

Prior to leaving for your trip, do not assume that your Auto or Credit Card insurance includes various levels of auto insurance  Read More

Taking an early morning flight?

Photo credit: Compare the cost of a limo service or parking charges at the airport to the cost of an airport area hotel room, which often includes free parking for up to two weeks. Staying overnight prior to departure avoids leaving in the middle of the night or inclement weather. Ask your travel agent […]  Read More

Zone Out / Zone In

Tips for avoiding jet lag.  Read More

Cool Travel Tools

Cool online tools for travelers to use.  Read More

Be Prudent!

It is important, when making international or domestic air / cruise reservations, or other international travel arrangements, that the name(s) of the reservation(s) be exactly as in your passport(s). Ask your medical insurance company if your policy applies overseas, and if it covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. If it does not, consider supplemental […]  Read More

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