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Traveling Matt is still dancing!

June 21st, 2012

Matt Harding is a pretty smart fellow – who else would think of turning an awkward dance into an internet sensation, seen and enjoyed by different folks from different cultures the world over?

The popularity of that first video led Matt and the equally smart people at Stride Gum to create another video of Matt’s awkward dance moves, this time enlisting local dancers to join in the limb-flailing fun.

Now, Matt and his dancing friends are back with another great video shot around the world but this time, instead of showcasing Matt’s moves, Matt gets a chance to learn from the experts themselves, getting schooled on traditional dances from North America to Oceania and everywhere in between!

Hoping to get involved in his next project? You can head on over to his site, Where the hell is Matt? for news and updates on his current whereabouts.

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