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Who Murdered Rico?

December 1st, 2011

In a (not so) unprecedented turn of events, everyone’s favourite love-to-hate-able mascot Rico – who rose to fame thanks to his hilarious YouTube videos featuring celebrity fliers, like Lindsay Lohan and Snoop Dogg –  has been “done in.” The poor puppet was found murdered at a Los Angeles mansion.

Rico’s raunchy antics and spicy attitude helped boost the international presence of the airline (his YouTube spots garnered 4.5 million views, and he managed a whopping 48,000 friends on Facebook) but not everyone enjoyed his often innuendo-laced humor.

“I am a New Zealander, despite my accent, and I didn’t feel that he did a great job of representing our country, and I don’t know why a South American rat had to be used as an example of a New Zealand persona,” Ad agency Barnes, Catmur and Friends’ creative director Paul Catmur told in an interview. Catmur believed the online strategy had helped Air New Zealand break into international markets without spending huge amounts on media placement, although seeding YouTube clips wasn’t free.

“I just personally would’ve liked it to have been something other than Rico to have executed that strategy.”

But whether you loved him or you loved to hate him, the question remains – who murdered Rico? Air New Zealand needs help figureing it out, and they want you to to go to to solve the mystery.

In the meantime, get up and get down with Richard Simmons and Rico, because nothing says safety like a disco ball:


Rico’s Murderer Confesses!

After two weeks worth of intensive investigations (and pretty easy game play) Rico’s murderer confesses to his crime. Watch to find out “who dun it”!

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