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Your feet!


Photo credit: Sundeip Arora

New shoes, sandals, runners for your big trip? Wear them for two weeks prior to leaving. You won’t regret it … and you know why!

And … practice for your trip by taking a walk every day to get your legs, feet and stamina in ideal vacation shape!

This from a flight attendant …

Ladies: Do not wear high heel shoes on board an aircraft. Wear low heeled shoes. Should the need to evacuate the aircraft occur, you might have to move very quickly. Possibly you might have to run through burning material. If you pack a pair of slippers to wear during the flight, do not don slippers prior to take-off and put your shoes on prior to landing.

If you are not flying in first or business class, when you arrive at your destination ask the flight attendants for any left-on-board booties. They make great shoe covers for packing.

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